croc doesn't exist...

croc is a psychedelic drug created by the government which was designed from 1957 to 1963 as a part of Project MKUltra. croc was originally a modified type of LSD (code-named MKCroc) in the form of a fluid injection meant to be injected underneath the rear of the skull. Effects of croc include intense urge to throw alligators, toucans, and rarely other animals, into the nearest body of water, illusions of the presence of speaking crocodiles, toucans, foxes (typically many, stacked foxes), and dolphins. Those affected by croc report that they are able to touch, speak to, and and even hold the animals. Though this is a hallucination, multiple people report being able to see and interact with the same animals. The exact cause of this phenomenon is unclear. When the hallucinated crocodiles are placed on top of one another, they disappear, and those affected suffer immense feelings of grief and emotional pain, as if they had lost a loved one. They act as if the crocodiles were thrown in a lake by a toucan, regardless of whether they perceive a toucan to be present. Though crocodiles are known to have rough scales, people under the influence of croc perceive the hallucinated crocodiles to feel soft, as if they had fur. Occasionally, the affected will describe what the animals have been doing recently, as though the animals were people, with jobs and relationships.

Interview with one affected individual