There was nothing.
An Abyss devoid of possibility or meaning was all that was there, and all that was to be. An eternal resting place for reality itself. Nothing existed, nothing should have existed.
Until now, for this brief moment, matter formed within The Abyss. Creating the first being to inhabit the eternal void. For this moment, the impossible became possible. The formless being, not understanding its purpose, does the first thing that comes to mind.
Suddenly, The being started to contort, not understanding what just begun. Suddenly the shapelessness was given shape, stumps for legs, a long tail, and snout. Its newborn skin bore the colors of 5C913B. It donned a name, Croc.
It Spoke Again.
A burst of energy surged across the great nothing as it started to shatter, Reality seeping through the cracks for the first time. Explosions of light formed stars across the universe. Those Stars lived and died, birthing more stars, creating galaxies. Never before has this universe seen anything like this, or seen anything for that matter.
Croc spoke again, its work far from over.
Another, much stronger pulse was across the universe. Dying stars exploded and formed molten bodies out of their remains. Millions of bodies were formed and scattered across the universe as they formed into planets. Each world unique, each world untouched, each world..incomplete.
Croc Spoke once more.
A final pulse of Energy and the universe Croc spent its life crafting to its standard sprung to life. Unique species of animals sprung up everywhere. The once barren wastelands were brimming in lush fauna and flora. Things lived, things died.
It was complete, what was once nothing was now everything. No longer meaningless ,no longer hopeless. No longer the harsh reality it's creator was birthed into.
Croc looked upon his handiwork of billions of eons and was bored.